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Fantasy Ship Carvings

    Until 2004, only eight Fantasy Series ships existed, and were in the ownership of family and friends. John chose to begin selling ship art to the public in 2005: all the first publically available ships being of the Medallion Series. It was anticipated that only one or two Fantasy Series models would be made per year for public sale, yet no new construction was started until late 2009. All Fantasy Series ships are carved from blocks of hardwood that are glued, screwed, nailed, and/or pegged together for centuries of structural stability. Earlier Fantasy Series ships have nylon and individualy hand crafted wooden pullies, etc. Fantasy Series ships have historically measured about 26 inches to 34 inches long; by 14 inches to 30 inches tall; by 10 inches to 12 inches wide. Each completed ship comes with two brass title plates that note the type of ship represented, the date (year) the model was made, and the name of the artist. The underside of each ship's base and the bottom of its display case are also signed, numbered and dated.

New Generation of Fantasy Ship Carvings

    In 2009, John began to design Fantasy Series ships utilizing all brass rigging and copper sails as now used on all Medallion Series ships since 2008. The first of the new generation of Fantasy Series ships is a Late 18th Century Sloop-of-War completed in April of 2010. This ship measures about 43 inches long, by 40 inches tall and 10 inches wide. It is made from poplar, oak, ash, black walnut, blood wood, and South American rose woods. For the first time, cannon barrels are individually hand crafted from brass tubing. This new ship design is shown below. New generation Fantasy Series ships are all one-of-a-kind, and can range in price from $2,000 to $6,000.

Late 18th Century Sloop-of-War

Earlier Fantasy Ship Carvings

Click on each photograph to enlarge it and see its title.

Fantasy Series Case - 16th Century Man-Of-War - Ship Model #2

Display Cases

   Each Fantasies Series ship comes within an oak framed acrylic plastic display case. The plastic panels can be readily removed in a matter of minutes to replace damaged panels or to install glass.

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