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Older Majestic Plank-on-Frame Ships

   The Majestic Series ships are constructed of ash planking on plywood framing supported by an oak, ash or mahogany keels. Majestic Series ship art pieces live up to their namesake. These ships can vary from 24 inches to 60 inches in length, with similar heights, and are more historically representative. Majestic Series ships can take many hundreds to thousands of hours to make. It is anticipated that few of the Majestic Series ships will ever be made in John's remaining lifetime. Majestic Series ships can cost between $2,000 and $10,000.

New Generation of Majestic Plank-on-Frame Ships

   As with the Fantasy Series ships, Majestic Series ships' rigging designs are now being built with brass rods and tubing. All ships will also now have billowed, heat/chemically treated copper sails. Pictured below are "new generation" Circa 1600 Galleon and Late 15th Century Carrack.

Display Cases

   Smaller Majestic Series ships can come within a oak-framed acrylic plastic display case. For the very largest ships, such as the 17th Century Dutch Flute shown on this website (nearly 5' X 5' X 2'), John has determined that a ship buyer would be best served by a professional cabinet maker for any display case needs.

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