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Graphic Oil Paintings: Ink-on-Canvas Reproductions

   John began experimenting with alkyd oil paints in 2008. So far, John has completed over 60 paintings. Digital scans of a number of these painting are shown on this webpage. John's landscape paintings emphasize line, form and color, yet minimizes the use of texture: the way graphic poster art often does. This is also how John views the "essence" of natural landscapes. As such, he calls his work "graphic oils." John's landscape paintings are a blending of several landscapes into one art piece, or have a certain aspect of a particular landscape accentuated: often that aspect being the intensity of color. As examples, the "Fall in Utah Mountains" and the "Utah Canyonlands Sunset" graphic oils are composites of 5 different landscape from southern Utah blended with a healthy dose of imagination gained from years of traveling in such landscapes. John's paintings of nudes have similar blended characteristics.

Each of John's paintings can be reproduced on canvas using pigmented archival ink at sizes smaller than the original oil paintings. The ink-on-canvas reproductions generally range in size from 8" to 18" wide by 10" to 36" long in either portrait or landscape formats. Reproductions in these sizes range in price from about $100 to $300. Reproduction pieces are generally not stockpiled for sale unless displayed at art galleries. For non-gallery purchases, please allow 5 to 7 days for a canvas reproduction to be made. The original oil paintings are available for sale between $385 and $950, depending upon size. The size of original painting range from 16" X 20" to 24" X 48".

Fine Art Environmental Prints

Since John's oil paintings are "graphic" in nature, they lend themselves well to a series of fine art environmental prints with narratives reflecting on the need for us humans to protect Mother Earth's natural resources, especially wild lands and waters. An example of this transformation is found with the oil painting "Headwaters" (GOP21). Environmental print formats are 16" X 20" or 16" X 24". All these prints are done upon heavy stock (300 gsm), high quality E-Satin photo paper with pigmented, archival ink for lasting durability. The prints on photo paper can be made without the narratives as well, but custom framing may be required to balance print margins. Some may consider these "posters", but the quality of these prints go far beyond that of "run-of-the-mill" posters. The Environmental prints each cost about $50 (excluding shipping) because they use the very best photographic paper and very stable, UV resistent inks. Framing (black with glass) will add another $30 to $50 depending upon frame style. However, framed units will only be sold locally due to the possibility of glass breaking during shipping. Like John's oil painting reproductions, prints are not stockpiled for sale. Each unit will be made only after ordered, with payment in advance, unless displayed in an art gallery.

Narratives for the various other Environmental Prints are as follows:

GOP24, Pacific Sunset: "To Invision the Essence of the Earth.... Imagine All Memorable Sunsets as One"

GOP33, Waterfall Canyon: "Immersed Within the Cathedrals of Earth.... You Can Surely Find Purity of Thought"

GOP26, Desert Cathedral: "Immersed Within the Cathedrals of Earth.... You Can Surely Find Purity of Thought"

GOP23, Pathway Through Fall Colors: "Walk in Harmony With the Earth ... And Find Peace Within Your Soul"

GOP22, Thunder Over Canyonlands: "When the Essence of the Earth Speaks... Each of Us Must Stop to Listen"

GOP14, Utah Canyonlands Sunset: "Let Imagination Light the World ... So We Humans May Find Our Way"

GOP19, Restless Waters: "Let the Restless Mountain Waters ... Teach Us the Value Of Our Earth"

GOP16, Emerald River Tranquility: "Let the Rivers Run Free and Pure... So They May Bathe the Human Soul"

GOP12, Alberta Falls: "The Purity of Thundering Waters ... Will Help You Learn Humility"

GOP06, Forest of Light After Storm: "Let Mountain Solitude Wash Over You ... For It Will Give You Serenity"

GOP11, Fall in Utah Mountains: "Let the Earth Enlighten Your Spirit ... So You May Discover Your Purpose"

Available Graphic Oil Prints

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