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In Memory of Jim Benedict

Photographic Background

The world lost a great photographer in 2009 after a long illness. He left this world being recognized as one of the country's most aspiring photographers. The infrared photography shown on this website is a tribute to his life-long passion for photography. In mostly Jim's own words.....

All of the prints in Jim's portfolio were made from full size black and white infrared negatives. Infrared film makes it possible to obtain photographs of energy invisible to the human eye. The film is sensitive to energy in the near infrared range and some red, green, blue and violet light. Photographs made from infrared negatives have an ethereal look and convey a mysterious and magical quality. Because of its unusual effects and distortion of reality, Jim found that he could use infrared film for artistic expression.

Jim sought spontaneity in his photography. He always looked for natural events whose timing and location could not be predicted. He strived to portray the beauty of the land and our relationship to it. It is from understanding and appreciation of this relationship that an ethos of stewardship for the earth and its myriad of inhabitants could spring forth.

Jim wanted his photographs to draw the viewer into a seemingly timeless, three- dimensional world. Within each photograph, Jim presents an environment in which the viewer can find peace, solitude and harmony. It is an environment that you can crawl into many times without ever tiring of the trip; you return time and time again.

Jim was an ecologist who was a photographer. He believed that a well-composed photograph is a form of visual poetry. Like poetry, it provides order and structure to an otherwise complex and confusing natural world. Like poetry, it captures the magic and mystery of human experience, and like poetry, it achieves this integration with the fewest visual elements necessary to viewer understanding.

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