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Ceramic Arts

Turquoise - Blue Marble Cream Series    The ceramic art creations of John R. Benedict and Teresa Nebeker include handcrafted decorative tiles, pots, bowls, vases, cups, plates, sculptures, and wind chimes. Examples of the various types of ceramic artwork are presented here.

   Decorative tiles are hand-pressed reproductions of original artwork. The artist (John) creates the images on paper; has the designs photographed for development into rubber impressions; then uses the rubber in combination with wood and clay to create the original artwork from which a plaster cast is made. These tiles can be used as functional trivets or displayed as wall hangings within hardwood frames. Tiles are from 3/8" to 1/2" thick, and 6" to 8" round or square.

Griffin Bell Chime Maple Leaves Bell Chime
   John's and Teresa's principal art pieces include wheel-turned or hand-pinched bowls, pots, cups, plates, and wind chimes, which are one-of-a-kind works: no reproduction castings are available. Pots/bowls are generally about 4" to 12" in height. Plates generally run from 10" to 18" in diameter. Wind chimes are formed as bells ranging in size from 4" to 9" in height, from which copper, aluminum or conduit pipes are hung. Many ceramic pieces are hand painted and/or sculptured with plant, bird and Native American images. John is now embarking on wall hanging and table-top sculptures that express the beauty of the human form.

   Currently available ceramic pieces include tiles depicting ships, fish, birds and landscapes; sculptured wall hangings and candle holders; numerous hand painted decorative small to large food bowls, plates, cups and vases, which are well suited for every day living that depict plants, birds and fish; bell-shaped wind chimes; and wall sculptures of the female form. As indicated by the photos, all artwork is highly stylized and/or uniquely glazed. Tiles generally run from $18 to $28. Bowls, pots, cups, vases, service plates, and candle holders cost from about $15 to $95. Wind chimes range from about $80 to $125. Wall sculptures start at $125.

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